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Shobha Nihalani is an Indian author known for her thriller and fantasy novels; The Silent Monument and the Nine trilogy. Her debut novel, Karmic Blues, was first published in Danish by EC-Edition in 2008 although it was originally written in English. Nihalani currently lives with her family in Hong Kong and often visits India.

Shobha Nihalani writes fiction, especially stories that involve gory murders, mad chases, and fiery personalities, all seasoned with the spice of Indian culture.

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Shobha Nihalani in Media

Shobha Nihalani in Media

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Shobha Nihalani

She’s quite a citizen of the world, having lived in places as diverse as Kano, Antwerp, Singapore, Rochester, Mumbai, Bengaluru and now Hong Kong.

Author Shobha Nihalani says she doesn’t write to a pattern but that has not come in the way of her churning out five hugely successful novels — with more to come — that have mystery and conspiracy as the common theme.

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